CKIC - The Systems Innovation course

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In order to create transformative systems innovations, we need to be able to think and act systemically. This requires developing competencies that enable us to work with others to explore and make sense of complex, dynamic systems, and to co-create, test, and implement effective interventions.

The Systems Innovation Fundamentals Course and Toolkit aims to provide you with the foundation knowledge that you will need in order to start building systems innovation competencies.



About this course

Course structure

This module is the equivalent of a short course (2.5 H), in which you work through each of the elements in turn, ending with an assessment quiz and a feedback survey.

Specific topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to Systems Innovation
  • Systems Innovation Mindsets
  • Working in Complexity
  • Systems Thinking
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Feedback

Learning outcomes

  • Explain what systems innovation means and the role it can play in tackling the climate crisis and other major environmental and societal challenges
  • Summarise key concepts associated with systems innovation, including systems thinking, emergence, resilience, complexity, and leverage points
  • Start to create different types of systems maps, and use the visual tools
  • Discuss the following components of a systems innovation framework: Mindset, 'Loopy' procees, Visual tools


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Price: €23.00