CKIC - How to design a sustainable business model

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How to design a sustainable business model will show you how to angle your business planning and modelling from an environmental and endurable standpoint.

With theory, hands-on exercises and self-reflective analysis, the course offers a gamut of thought-provoking and educational learning which will lead to a real and practical result, one that you can apply to your own business.

Take this course to gain much of the knowledge and skills that you need to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.


About this course

Course structure

The course comprises seven modules, many hands-on activities and a collection of downloadable tools.

Specific topics covered in this course include:

  • Let’s get started! Everything you need to know (and to prepare) in order to get the most out of this course.
  • Mindsets impact how we see and react to every situation we experience and therefore play a vital role in the development of your sustainable business model.
  • An exciting journey of self-exploration, uncovering what is important to you personally and which will form the foundation of your sustainable business model.
  • How to use the Golden Circle to develop your enterprise’s vision by asking ‘WHY?’ Also, the importance of aligning your enterprise’s WHY with your personal WHY, (your own vision) and identify the key mindsets and skills required for both of these.
  • Who has a stake in the success of your business? Learn how the different parties interconnect; clients, investors, your community, your employees and more - all play their part in your sustainable enterprise.
  • The Flourishing Business Canvas takes centre stage here, and how to use it to create and re-tell your enterprise's story until you reach the ideal model for your chosen timescale.
  • Validating your business asks you to take a step away to see your model in perspective and work out its value and to see see if your model works in the real world with real stakeholders.
  • This contains your next steps and a course check out, including a feedback survey we ask you to complete.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the most useful mindsets for sustainable business modelling and outline steps for how you might develop these in practice
  • Determine what drives your beliefs and underpins all decisions you make both personally and within your enterprise
  • Uncover your enterprise WHY and check your personal and enterprise WHYs are aligned
  • Demonstrate the importance of sharing your enterprise WHY with others
  • Apply a systemic approach to assessing stakeholder (and other actor) needs and the value that your enterprise can co-create - or destroy
  • Co-design your business model using the Flourishing Business Canvas Model in an effective and reflective way
  • Craft a compelling story of your enterprise that you can share with your stakeholder


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Price: €23.00